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Just a few hours left to close our Valentine's Day sale! 
All "love theme" products are 30% OFF! Shop now!
Here are my last CU products:

CU Dried roses Vol.5 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Dried roses Vol.4 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Wooden figures Vol.1 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)
CU Be my Valentine Vol.4 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Paper Flowers Vol.2 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Beautiful things Vol.6 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)
CU Be my Valentine Vol.3 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Juggling with laces Vol.5 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Books Vol.3 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)
CU Happy New Year Vol.14 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Happy New Year Vol.13 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Happy New Year Vol.12 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)

CU Happy New Year Vol.11 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Happy New Year Vol.10 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Happy New Year Vol.9 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)
CU Circus Vol.1 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Happy New Year Vol.15 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Retro set Vol.1 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)

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