пятница, 20 февраля 2015 г.

New pages from our team

Hi my dear! Our creative team want to show you our new pages. Today it will be a small quick overview of all my "One style packs". Hope you'll like it :)

Page from One style pack #1 by Natalka
Page from One style pack #2 by Skripka
Page from One style pack #3 by NataliyaZima
Page from One style pack #4+ One style pack #6 by me
Page from One style pack #5 by ArtBakin
Page from One style pack #7 by Elena_Y

Page from One style pack #8 by Juliya

четверг, 5 февраля 2015 г.

Featured designer and ONE DAY SALE

Hi my friends! Celebration of PBP reopen is continuing and today I am a featured designer! What it mean?
It means that you can learn few fun things about me from this info-graphic :)

And what celebration without the sale, isn't it? :))) 
So today you can buy all in my shop with 40% discount!
Be faster! It's ONE DAY ONLY!

пятница, 30 января 2015 г.

Your classic photobook Vol.50

Hi my friends! Today's release I do with great pleasure! I very missed of pages for my own family books, for which I use photos of my child. It's a really different feeling than doing a book from photos of other people :). It is a delight!

My new templates  are great choice for creating family photobooks where you can tell little stories, write interesting memories about the photos on every page. I LOVE the small stories in my own books! It is soooo interesting to read them after the years! So... WRITE journaling! :)

Your classic photobook Vol.50
Available at PBP 

Do you want to create your own photobook easily and simply? Do it using photos only! No need for kits or other elements. Each template focuses on your photos and is not distracted by superfluous details.

This set include 5 double templates (24x12 inches, 7200x3600 pix). So each page in your book will be harmonious and you will not have to think about how to pick a pair of your single layouts.

All templates are in 4 versions:  PSD, PNG and TIF. Use the format which is comfortable for you. 

Here are our pages from this set:

by Art Bakin
by Natalka
by Skripka
by Juliya
by Nataliya Zima
by Elena_Y

See also my previous sets of double templates:

And finally it is time to to define the lucky :)
Random.org helps me as always 
Aaaaand this time the winner iiiiiis.... 
Congrats my dear :)

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среда, 28 января 2015 г.

News, announcement and chance to win my new set!

Hi my dears!
Today I have a couple of good news for you :)

The first is - the renewed PBP shop is again online!

We were only offline for two days, but you'll see that we went through a lot of BIG CHANGES during that time! There were updated and added loads of new features that will make your digi shopping fast, fun and easy!

Our new layout is compact, clean and totally organized. We think that you’ll find what you’re looking for FAST! Feel free to look around and explore – we want you to be happy with the changes, so let us know if you have any suggestions or requests!

We still have a few little tweaks to make, so you may notice some minor changes in the coming days. But, we were so anxious to show your our shop, that we just couldn’t wait! So, head to the shop…and shop ‘til you drop!

The second news as you can see on the banner is the STORE WILD SALE! So be fast if you want to get something with sweet price ;)))

And finally the third news is... new announcement of my next set of beautiful photobook-templates! I really love what I made this time! So don't miss your chance to win this set!

My 50th set of Your Classic photobook templates will be released this Friday (January 30th) in PBP shop! And you have a *** CHANCE TO WIN *** it! Read attentively, because you can increase your chances to win!

Your classic photobook Vol.50


Do you want to win this set?
Now you have 5 chances!
1)  leave me a comment here in blog
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4)  rePin this image on Pinterest! 
5) repost this sneak-pick in your instagram, pick me on the image and leave me a comment there to make me possibility to see that you are playing. And don't forget to follow me

and on Friday will be chosen one winner who'll get this set for FREE!

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воскресенье, 25 января 2015 г.

Shop upgrade

Hy everybody! Just wanted to let you know about our shop upgrade

пятница, 23 января 2015 г.

Some words

Хочу обратиться к пиратам и прочим людям, кто считает, что разбогатеет, обманув ближнего, или просто радуется, завладев чем-то даром. Я понимаю, что скорее всего эта затея бессмысленна. Но меня распирает от злости и обиды. Вчера меня огорошило сообщение о махинациях и фактическом воровстве моих наборов на приличную сумму. Еще год назад я бы не так сильно переживала на этот счет, но сейчас... Я не стремилась давить на жалость, но придется повторить еще раз - я из Донецка! Я уехала из родного города из-за войны, оставив всё, что было - там! Моя семья живет в съемной квартире, за которую нужно платить, где-то брать деньги. Я не просила и не прошу помогать мне, но я прошу не отнимать у меня то, чем я могу зарабатывать! Будьте людьми!

I want to appeal to the pirates and other people who think that get rich by cheating neighbor, or simply glad taking possession of something for nothing. I understand that most likely this idea is meaningless. But I was bursting with anger and resentment. Yesterday I was taken aback a message about the machinations and the actual stealing of my sets on a decent sum. Even 1 year ago I would not have worried so much about this, but now ... I'm not trying to put pressure on the pity, but I have to repeat once again - I am from Donetsk (Ukraine)! I left my home because of WAR, do you understand??? WAR! We left all what we have - there! My family lives in a rented apartment, for which we have to pay and of course to take the money somewhere for it. I didn't ask and do not ask to help me, no! But I beg you not to take away from me what I earn! Please be a human! And let it never happen to you!

Pages from Elegant bundle #1

Hi! Today we'll show you our pages from Elegant bundle #1. All background papers are included to the bundle-pack

Page by me from Your elegant photobook Vol.1
 Page by NataliyaZima from Your elegant photobook Vol.1
 Page by Skripka from Your elegant photobook Vol.2
 Page by Juliya from Your elegant photobook Vol.3
Page by Natalka from Your elegant photobook Vol.4
 Page by ArtBakin from Your elegant photobook Vol.5