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NEW: "DIY your beautiful home" collection + CU Happy New Year

Hi the digiscrap World! I missed of you. And I come back with the big new collection, which is about changing in my life :)

DIY your beautiful home

This kit is able to reveal all your potential as a DIY specialist of home repairs. It is full of tools and decor materials. It will help you to make beautiful remembers about DIY projects in your home. This kit is perfect for boys and family photos. Funny or serious. 

Some story:
This kit is very symbolic for me and my family! I was so inspired by creating of it because it is an embodiment of our dreams about new home since we had to leave Donetsk in 2014. Last year we with my son made a little white paper house and it stayed in our room during all this year. This summer our dream come true and now we have our new home in another place. The little white paper house (which you see in the kit) now "lives" here, on my window :). We make a renovation here, in our new home, last 2 months, ourselves. So all tools that you'll find in the kit are real and used every day in our repair. And each phrase in Word Arts is also symbolic and true. Even if it is funny :) 

P.S: dream and your dreams will come true! 
P.P.S: all earned penny from the sale of the kit will be spent on... repair, lol

Let's look at other parts of collection:

 Available at PBP

Available at PBP

Available at PBP

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 Available at PBP

 Available at PBP

Available at PBP

Here are some examples from this set by our CT:

And of course I have a little gift for you:

DIY your beautiful home - FREE QP

Here is an example of using:

And also I have 2 wonderful CU sets to be ready to the New Year Holidays:

CU Happy New Year Vol.9
 Available at PBP

CU Happy New Year Vol.10
Available at PBP

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