понедельник, 12 января 2015 г.

Proud designer of PBP :)

Hi all :)
I just wanted to brag of my little joy :). A few days before the New Year, I received a wonderful, pleasant and unexpected surprise from PBP! It was a card with warm wishes, mouse pad and magnets with the logo of our store! You have not seen my reaction! I jumped like a child! The fact is that we all know each other in the Internet, but in my opinion not very aware of each other as real people. And then I get this gift and it is real! It can be touched! PBP is real! :))) This is so cool! I am really proud designer of PickleBeerryPop! Thank you very much Faye, Sheri and Julie! 

2 комментария:

Gala комментирует...

Внимание,доброта - это здорово и приятно !!! Буря положительных эмоций!!!

Jasmin-Olya комментирует...

Галина, совершенно согласна! Именно буря радости! :))