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New DVD Covers in the shop

Hi friends! I have two new sets of templates for DVD covers as  I promised. And also one-style collection of them. Let's see:

DVD Covers Collection #4

Available at PBP

This is bundle-pack, contains 2 sets of my DVD-covers templates in one general style.  This pack include my newest sets:

(for horizontal-oriented main photos)_____ (for vertical-oriented main photos)

So now it is very easy to create your beautiful and stylish DVD disks! Now it is much simpler to choose a favorite picture, regardless of horizontal it or vertical orientation!

The pack contains 6 layered templates for creating gorgeous covers and labels of your disk!

- 3 covers template
- and 3 labels template

All templates include styles for each layer (not only sketch) and other properties. Just add your photos!
Adapted for standard size of DVD disk.
All templates are in 3 versions: PSD, TIF and PNG. Use the format which is comfortable for you. 

The one more good thing is that this set well combines with my sets of photobook-templates included in :
One style pack #4 and One style pack #6
So your disks and photobooks will looking fabulous together!

Here are some samples from this collection:

You can find all my sets separately:

Or see DVD Cover collections:

And random said me that the winner this time is CapuzinoS
For others you'll find 10% coupon for extra saving in my newsletter ;)


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