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"Dreams about the sea" collection

Hi my friends! Finally this day has come! I so rarely make digiscrap kits, but each time it is done with love and desire to make something very beautiful! I really hope that you'll love this kit :). Are you ready to very long report??? 

Firstly a little story... Circumstances were such that I had not been to the sea for several years, and found myself missing it terribly...so much that it was in my dreams : ) Thus this kit was born

Dreams about the sea

Available at PBP

Fresh breeze, gentle waves, fun splashing of water, warm sand and shells ... What else can be better to put you in the atmosphere of this pleasant holiday near the sea? Paper and wooden boats, the captain wheel, peakless cap, anchor and marine knots - all this you'll find in my kit! And it will help to revive your memories of summer vacation on the sea! Also in the kit are many other decorations for your pages: beautiful bright poppies, tender anemones, ribbons and ropes, green twigs, flags, beads, frames and more. The kit will be a wonderful addition to your vacation photos!

The kit contains:
100 elements
(+ some variants, totally 110 PNG files)
13 types of papers
(+ variants, totally 18 jpg files)

But it's not all :). Let's see more!

Dreams about the sea - Masks
Available at PBP

I have created these clipping masks to help you create beautiful effects with your photos and collages. This set includes 4 types of masks + additional variants (totally 8 files) saved in the PNG format with 300 dpi. Use it with pleasure!

Also I have two sets of clusters coordinated with my kit:

Dreams about the sea - Clusters Vol.1
Available at PBP

This set includes 14 types of clusters + additional variants (totally 47 PNG files).

Dreams about the sea - Clusters Vol.2
Available at PBP

This set includes 17 types of clusters + additional variants (totally 40 PNG files).

These are the sets of beautiful compositions of elements with realistic shadows, which will do your work with my kit easy and pleasant! Just add paper and photo! This is really easy way to create your LOs!  

All previous sets you can buy as a bundle with some extra saving! 

Dreams about the sea - BUNDLE
Available at PBP

Also you'll get a  gift with purchasing of this collection: FREE ADDON. This is a set of clusters from the photobook cover - 12 PNG files as a gift!

Are you still reading? LOL! ))) Continuing...

The last products coordinated with my kit are... PHOTOBOOK! I can't live without them, isn't it? =)))). The most easy way to create beautiful albums/books with your photos is using of quick pages. But to make your albums most fantastic we decide to create whole photobook!

Therefore this time each page in the set has a pair and they both looks harmonious together! You will not have to think about how to pick a pair of your single layouts.

Dreams about the sea - Photobook QPs Vol.1
Available at PBP

This set includes 7 wonderful 24x12 Double Quick Pages and a cover for photobook. Cover of photobook was created with a reserve for printing and spine. You'll find the text file in zip with some instructions about cover.

All pages was created by me and my amazing CT girls: Jetje, Carolwenxin, Illena, Karamelka and Juliya.

Dreams about the sea - Photobook QPs Vol.2
Available at PBP

This set includes 7 wonderful 24x12 Double Quick Pages and a story-page which can be used to write and save your memories about event on your photos or you can use them as a flyleaf.

All pages was created by me and my amazing CT girls: Lavanda, DolcheVita, Skripka, Violet, NataliyaZima, Erika, Sade and Natalka.

Most pages saved as a single 12x12 pages but you can merge them very simply and some pages saved as 12x24 doublepages, 300dpi, PNG. 

And finally... the gift! You can download this FREE Quick page made by Carolwenxin for personal use:

Dreams about the sea - FREE QP

But the gifts don't ends on this :) . You can find two more in facebook. "Like" the page and then you can download the freebie. Also you can find a surprise coupon in these freebies available during this week ;). So... be faster!

 Find on PBP facebook page during limited time

Find on my facebook page

And of course I should to announce the winner! Thank you very much for your comments! I love to read them! This time the winner is Linda Hansen. Congrats! Contact me to get your prize :)

Hope I didn't forgot anything... Thank you very much for reading! :)

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Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 4 post on Jul. 03, 2012. Thanks again.