четверг, 8 марта 2012 г.

500 fans and Facebook game!

I am happy - today the amount of my Facebook fans attained 500!!! And I think it is necessary to mark this beautiful number! Therefore I started little game there. So... if you want to participate, feel free to join!


The rules are simple:

Do you love my templates? I want to see what set or what page is your most favorite!   So... please:  

1 - go to my albums and
2 - find your favorite set or your favorite page from it.
3 - SHARE it on your page
4 - and then (!!!) leave a comment in the post about game to let me know about your choice.
5 - And after it wait for most interesting!

After a few days (I really don't know how long the game will be) I'll randomly pick one or more (may be three?) luckies who will get his/her favorite set for FREE! (if you already have this set, I'll give you another on your choice).

Don't miss your chance!
And I really will be happy to read your comments :)

Have a fun with the game!

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