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PBP Birthday Challenges

August Challenges

We have some new members on our team recently. Jess and Shawna have thrown themselves into their positions as the Pickle Cheer Squad, and are making sure our challenges are fun for everyone. They have been working very hard coming up with a whole list of challenges for you this month, as you can see below:

July 29 Template (birthday card)
July 30 Scavenger Hunt
July 31 Colour
Aug 1 Scraplift
Aug 2 Wordart
Aug 3 Birthday Quote
Aug 4 Font
Aug 5 Days Go By
Aug 6 PBP Facebook Hop
Aug 7 Lyric/Poem
Aug 8 Recipe
Aug 9 Creative Photo
Aug 10 Ordinary Day
Aug 11 Lots of Layers
Aug 12 White Space
Aug 13 Bingo
Aug 14 Fill Your Page
Aug 15 Product
Aug 16 CT/Designer Lift
Aug 17 Single Photo
Aug 18 Multiple Photo
Aug 19 One Word
Aug 20 Altered Speed Scrap
Aug 21 By The Numbers
Aug 22 Ad Inspired
Aug 23 Paper Blocking
Aug 24 Milestone
Aug 25 Time to Celebrate

So make sure you check out our challenge forum for all the fun that the girls have planned. There are some great prizes and coupons to be won too! 

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