пятница, 24 июня 2011 г.

Forest Walk - Overlays, Clusters, QPs, BUNDLE

Hi my dear! As I promised here are more surprises from my kit "Forest Walk". We with my best CT created some embellishments for you and QP album. Let's see :)

Forest Walk - Overlays and Clusters 

and detailed images:

This set includes 36 beautiful overlays and clusters (ready to use composition with realistic shadows). They makes your LO more interesting! Just add paper, photo and play with overlays! This is so easy and interesting way to create your LOs!

Forest Walk - QPs

This set includes 6 wonderful 12x12 Quick Pages created by me and my amazing CT girls: DolcheVita, Illena and Juliya. Just add your photos and enjoy by beautiful album! This is most easy way to create your beautiful album!

And finally I made a BUNDLE to get you possibility to get more for less money :)

Forest Walk - BUNDLE

And also look how awesome LOs made CT girls:

Illena, mummyd

sade, nzmumof4

Karamelka, Jetjez

Joanne, Lavanda

Skripka, Violet

And........ Do you want to play with me???
You have 3 CHANCES TO WIN something by me!!!

first chance:
leave me a comment to this post

second chance:

third chance:

I will come back after a few days and randomly choose the winners! Good luck!!!

15 комментариев:

Dimeda комментирует...

Beautiful kit! Thanks for the chance to win it.

Alenka комментирует...

Класс! Очень нра!

Shayna комментирует...

This is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for giving me a chance to win.

Lyudmila комментирует...

This is just perfect!!!
Thank you so much for the chance!

Pam комментирует...

Beautiful...thanks so much for the chance to win it.

Scrappin Gramma комментирует...

this is so cute
thanks for the chance

Causa комментирует...

Darling the kit is beautiful !
Love the LO's from your creative team.
Thank you for the chance !

Ale комментирует...

Wow! It looks so wonderful!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Chris Allport комментирует...

This is a really lovely kit.

Lots of luv


Muñeca (payit) комментирует...

great kit, love it

Fairy White комментирует...

Какая красота! Спасибо Вам за чудесный шанс!

Angeljet комментирует...

Thanks for the chance to win it! This kit is really fantastic!!

Randje комментирует...

Amazing kit, perfect for scrapping memories of long forest walks with the whole family, including our crazy dog. Thanks for the chances!!!

Elena комментирует...

Классный набор!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tany комментирует...

Восхитительный лесной набор! очень красивый и такой свежий! У нас рядом с домом лес, очень много лесных фоток, этот скрап здорово подходит к нашим фоткам!