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Your classic photobook Vol.75 and One style pack 14 + new CUs

Hi World!!! Here are new photobook templates!

Your classic photobook Vol.75

And full collection in one general style:

One style pack #14

These templates good combine with the collection One Style Pack #11
One style pack #11 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)
These templates may look so different may look very different depending on how you decide to arrange the background. They can be light and airy with a white background or more vibrant with colorful background!


And of course here are some new CU products:

CU Autumn Leaves Vol.7 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Autumn Mix. Vol.7 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Autumn Leaves Vol.6 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)

CU School Vol.7 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU School Vol.6 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Wonderful childhood Vol.7 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)

CU Autumn Leaves Vol.5 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Autumn Leaves Vol.4 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Autumn Leaves Vol.3 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)

CU Autumn Leaves Vol.2 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Autumn Leaves Vol.1 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU School Vol.5 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)

CU School Vol.4 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU School Vol.3 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU School Vol.2 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)

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