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LOs from Your classic photobook Vol.1

Hi friends!!! 
Last weeks I show you new templates which are "from one story" with the set 
"Your classic photobook Vol.1"
Your classic photobook Vol.1 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)

Yes! There is no mistake :)
And here is a proof: our pages from the Vol.1

These templates good combine with the sets Vol.63, Vol.64, Vol.65
Your classic photobook Vol.63 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) Your classic photobook Vol.64 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) Your classic photobook Vol.65 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)

All templates are layered, you can change any option like layer style, color of strokes, shadows, opacity, order of layers - all!!! all what you need to customize your designs!

Here are my last CU products:
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CU Ribbons Vol.8 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) CU Retro set Vol.2 (Jasmin-Olya Designs) (CLONE) CU Ribbons Vol.9 (Jasmin-Olya Designs)
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