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Your elegant photobook Vol.8+9

Hi my friends! It's a day of release of new templates in my shop! Did you miss? I really miss all that process of creating scatches, templates and looking how it transforms to pages of the photobook! It's really like magic and I LOVE it! Hope you'll like new templates and will enjoy during creating of your own layouts!
Let's see what we made for you! This time it's a BIG set! 

Your elegant photobook Vol.8+9

Available at PBP 

Do you want to create your own photobook easily and simply? This is DOUBLE-set of ready-to-use double templates to create your beautiful photobook in one general style. 

You have all the tools to modify these templates for your own style

  • it is very easy to change the color, 
  • change background 
  • or styles of all elements, including shadows, strokes and etc.

By default each template has a background of a light brown color, which is the most versatile color. You can simply add photos and get the finished book! 

This set include 10 double templates +5 additional variants (24x12 inches, 7200x3600 pix). So each page in your book will be harmonious and you will not have to think about how to pick a pair of your single layouts.

All templates are in 3 versions:  PSD, PNG and TIF. Use the format which is comfortable for you. 

Here are our pages from this set:

by Art Bakin

by Paola

by Skripka

by Nataliya Zima

by Elena_Y

by Juliya

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