пятница, 19 августа 2016 г.

Sunshine collection: more pages and more FREEBIEs

Hi friends!
Thank you very much for your kind and sweet words. I am very glad that you like my "Sunshine" collection. I want to show you more beautiful pages from it today. Remember that ALL pages what you see, you can find both as clusters or as quick pages!

Sunshine - BUNDLE (+free add-on)

And do you want one more FREEBIE

I will send it to all my SUBSCRIBERS today, so
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If you are not, just do it faster and enjoy, because I'll give it to all new subscribers too! 
*Freebie will sent you next day after you'll subscribed.

And that was not last pleasure gift :)
All subscribers will find 2 coupons for 10 and 15% off with every $5 and $10 orders! 
Enjoy and thank you for you are with me!

Jasmin-Olya Designs

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