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PBP 9th Birthday and my Lolly Bag!

Pickleberrypop is celebrating it's 9th birthday! I totally love this date and feel myself like a part of big team during almost all this time (I am with PBP since 2008 if I remember)! Time flies when you're having fun!

Speaking of fun, we have lots of events planned to help you enjoy our birthday celebration with us! Be sure to check out the ads and images below to see what's going on this weekend. We didn't want to put you on birthday overload, so we're saving some of our birthday events for later. So, be sure to see our newsletter and Birthday Forum each day during our birthday celebration, so you don't miss out on a thing! 

Schedule of events:

To kick off our Birthday Celebration, we're bringing back one of our customers' favorites, Lolly Bags, for just $5 each! When you go to a party, you leave with a fun little bag of goodies - Lolly Bags are your first "goodies" from our Birthday Party! But shop fast - our Lolly Bags are available through August 10 at 11:59 p.m. EDT! After that, they'll be back in the shop as regular products, so get them for $5 while you can!

Here is my Lolly Bag full of so useful goodies -  FRAMES! I put into this set all frames that I collected during last year, so you'll find more than 30 frames in different styles: romantic, shabby, wooden, metal, baguettes and etc. for any occasion!

Plus get Part #1 of PBP's Collab kit "Little peace f Paradise" with any of $10 purchase during the sale!

We know that many of you have been missing the challenges at PBP, so we decided to do a special set of challenges just for our birthday. Click the link to see what our Design and Creative Teams have prepared for you. You'll earn a 5% discount for every challenge that you complete - so if you complete all six challenges, you'll get a code for a one time 30% savings!

 And here is one more game:

See you :)

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