пятница, 28 ноября 2014 г.

Black-Friday Sale

Hi my friends. 
I really hope that you still remember me and may be little bit missed :)
But I had a really a valid reason to such a long absence. I don't want to talk much sad things, I'll say the one: I livED in Donetsk (Ukraine), so ... if you see the news, you will understand all. 

But hey )) I write to you today not with bad news :) I  little bit fell out of a scrap-life, but remembered that today is the Black-Friday! So of course our shop have a big sale in this case! I know that I didn't made any new products last period, forgive me please. But if you wanted something from my old designs - it is the best time to buy it :) So... don't miss out

Here is my shop


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