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Your CD Covers #1

Hi all!
Today I prepare for you something new. I often get questions about templates for covers for CD-boxes, so I decide to make them finally ))). I remade my templates for DVD to CD, so you'll have full packs for every style of my templates. And as always my DVD and also CD covers are good combines with my photobook-templates, thus you may design beautiful sets "book+disk" from your photos. 

Your CD Covers #1

Available at PBP

This is a not a secret that we keep the most of our photos on disks. Let's make our disks beautiful and stylish! This is simply using my set!

This set contains layered templates for creating gorgeous covers and labels for your CD disks! (adapted for standard size of CD jewel boxes)

- 2 cover templates (separate files for front and back sides of CD box) 
- and 3 label templates 
(totally 6 PSD/PNG/TIF files)

All templates include styles for each layer (not only sketch) and other properties. Just add your photos!
All templates are in 3 versions:  PSD, PNG and TIF. Use the format which is comfortable for you.

The one more good thing is that this set well combines with my
photobook templates One style pack #5
and DVD-covers templates DVD covers collection #1
Therefore your disks and books will looking fabulous together!  

This product is Personal and S4H Use.

And of course our samples from this set:

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