пятница, 1 марта 2013 г.

New pages

Hi my friends!  Firstly I want to congratulate you with a first day of spring! It is not so spring weather here, but "spring is in the air" as we like to say :) and it means that the spring is in hearts! I wish you very good mood and wonderful weekend!
And of course I want to show you our new pages! This time all pages are from my collection - One style pack #2. Let's see:

from Your classic photobook Vol.2 by Nataliya Zima
from Your classic photobook Vol.5 by Skripka
from Your classic photobook Vol.7 by Juliya
from Your classic photobook Vol.22 by me
from Your classic photobook Vol.23 by Natalka
See also previous sets of double templates:


Or see big One style packs:
One style pack #5

By the way... I'll have surprise for subscribers in a pair weeks... So... I invite you to join to my newsletter if you don't want to miss it :) 

And of course I'm preparing a new release for next week. So... hope to see you soon here :)

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