пятница, 21 декабря 2012 г.

New LOs and new prices

Hi dear friends! Today I want to show you our new pages from my templates and inform you about one pleasant new! Let's start form the news:

I decide to revise the prices of my old products. From now you'll find new lower prices for most of my old CU products, so if you interesting in CU products, welcome here and to next pages of my shop. Some of old product will be retired soon, so... you still have some time to get them if you want

And now I want to show you new LOs by my amazing CT:

  by me from Your classic photobook Vol.7 or One style pack #2
 by Juliya from Your classic photobook Vol.21 or One style pack #1
 by Nataliya Zima from Your classic photobook Vol.25 or One style pack #3
 by Skripka from Your classic photobook Vol.28 or One style pack #4

PS: I creating something new for you for the next Friday. So... see you soon :)

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